Klangforum Wien live in Donaueschingen

World Premiere performances of Enno Poppe Speicher and Georges Aperghis Situations at Donaueschinger Musiktage.

Donaueschingen is always something special but the 2013 edition was something truly extraordinary for me. Because of these two works. To start with: if the lenght of a symphony has established itself between 30-60 minutes has a work of contemporary music very often the duration of 10-20 minutes. Here the both works alone are filling up a concert program or a CD. Amazing cycle by Enno Poppe conducted by himself. Stretching a very limited material all possible ways.
Georges Aperghis travelled to Vienna to meet us all personally before starting composing Situations. He checked up the very special skills of each of us, so this work is really tailor made for the musicians of Klangforum and since Donaueschingen we have performed it at Berliner Philharmonie, Kölner Philharmonie, Amsterdam Muziekgebouw and Wiener Konzerthaus to name but few.
It is a 4-CD box no one wants to buy these days (Poppe, Aperghis and two more CDs by WDR Orchestra). But perhaps you have interest in finding this music on a download or streaming platform. SWR did very nice quality work for the recording.

– Joonas